CO Removal Packages

Methanation Catalytic Reaction Technology

Methanation process is involved with the catalytic chemical conversion of carbon oxides (carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide) into methane and water.

In the processes, which carbon oxides can be regarded as catalyst poison, they should be removed from the hydrocarbon stream or hydrogen.

The gas feed enters the methanation reactor, and then the produced water could be adsorbed and eliminated in a temperature swing adsorption ( system in downstream).

The water adsorption bed, uses synthetic zeolite molecular sieves and could be regenerated with hot nitrogen.


  • Highly active and highly selective catalyst for methanation process.
  • Minimizing the hydrogen losses through the methanation.
  • Optimizing the temperatures for the reaction and dryer beds.
  • Heat integration and minimizing heat losses.

Design Options

  • Sulfur Guard Catalyst to capture all sulfur components within the methanation reactor.
  • Interactive and dynamic graphical control system HMI.
  • Carbon Monoxide analyzer on the purified product to monitor the efficiency of the process.
Negin Mahestan Kangan HDPE Plant Hydrogen Purification (Methanation) Package
CO Removal Packages