Crude Oil Jet Mixer Packages

With Trailer-Mounted Portable Pumping System

Crude oil jet mixers are used for floating the sludges and the depositions within the crude oil storage tanks The main concept of the jet mixers is based on the conversion of stagnation pressure into torque and shear forces to make a wave in the crude oil storage tank and mobilize the fluid in the dead zone.

An auxiliary portable package is connected to the jet mixer to circulate the crude oil from the tank through a centrifugal pump and route into the jet mixer.


  • Flexible hose connections for being able to use as portable package and all the storage tanks in the field.
  • Pillar crane on the trailer for maintenance purposes and also helping for connection of the flexible hoses.
  • Diesel driven pump with complete auxiliary systems.
  • Basket type strainer for protection of the pump against solid particles and sludge.
  • Tailor made mixer design based on the crude oil characteristics and specifications.

Design Options

  • Interactive and dynamic graphical control system HMI.
  • Velocity monitoring system in the storage tank.
  • Single or double discharge nozzles on the mixer.
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Crude Oil Jet Mixer Packages