Drying Packages

Molecular Sieve Adsorption Technology

Drying and purification of hydrocarbon streams based on Temperature Swing Adsorption ( is a practical method for elimination of water (and/or other impurities) in the processes In polyolefin synthesis over Ziegler Natta catalytic process, the water should be removed from the monomers, since water is a dangerous poison for the catalyst.

Especially designed fully synthetic zeolite based molecular sieves are used, which the type and the pore size will be depended to the chemical nature of the hydrocarbon stream being processed.

The hydrocarbon stream passes through the molecular sieve bed and the water molecules are adsorbed on the zeolite active pores The bed will be regenerated after saturation with hot nitrogen or any inert gas.


  • Highly selective and especially designed fully synthetic zeolite based molecular sieves with narrow pore size distribution.
  • Smooth and reliable operation.
  • Precise optimized timing for the swing sequences between high and low temperature levels.
  • Wide range of capacities and product purity ranges.
  • Inherently safe design to prevent the hazards and minimize the risks.
  • Non stop reliable and smooth operation due to the automatic control system for switching between different modes and different number of the adsorption columns in case of any failure in the process.

Design Options

  • Interactive and dynamic graphical control system HMI.
  • 2-3 adsorption beds in series/parallel based on the capacity and safeguard philosophy.
  • Moisture analysers to monitor the dew point of the product constantly.
Negin Mahestan Kangan HDPE Plant Steamer Off-Gas Drying Package
Drying Packages