Mobile Test Separator Package

Crude Oil High-Efficiency Phase Separation

Upstream separators are used for stabilizing the fluids after pressure reduction, or complete phases separation for high accurate flow measurement In order to proof the accuracy of multi phase flow meters, it is required to separate gaseous, aqueous and oil phases of the crude oil and measure the flowrate of each phase with higher accuracy.

Mobile test separators could be used for a wide range of crude oil specifications and utilize high efficiency separation internals to minimizer phase entrainments.

A local control panel with HMI, helps to select the set point for each oil well and also monitor/control all the operational variables.


  • Super efficiency phase separation internal devices including schoepentoeter inlet device, coalescer, checker wall, vortex breaker, foam breaker, gas flow straightening device, mist eliminator, floating weir, etc.
  • Capability of working with a wide range of crude oil specifications.
  • High accuracy flowrate measurement for each phase.
  • Sand jet wash facilities with auxiliary portable washing water storage tank and pump skid.

Design Options

  • Tailor made design based on crude oil wells.
  • Portable trailer mounted skid with removable spools for using in different fields and wells.
  • Fully automatic operation and transmission of monitoring signals to the Central Control System.
Yadavaran Oil Field (Sinopex-PEDEC) Crude Oil Mobile Test Separator
Mobile Test Separator Package