Nitrogen Generation Package

Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

Nitrogen could be purified through separation from the ambient air The most common way for nitrogen purification from air is air compression, air drying and then purification in a pressure swing adsorption system.

Depending on the air compression system and also the compressed air drying system, pre treatment and post treatment facilities may be required for elimination of oil droplets, and desiccant particles.

Depending on the required delivery pressure and the package capacity, proper air compressor type will be selected.

Carbon molecular sieves ( is utilized in PSA columns for selective adsorption on oxygen molecules).


  • Tailor made design based on the ambient air quality (temperature, pressure, dust, etc).
  • Wide range of capacity and delivery pressure
  • Simultaneous production of compressed air, and purified nitrogen.
  • Production of nitrogen with high purity.

Design Options

  • Booster compressors in the package downstream for delivery of purified nitrogen at higher pressure levels.
  • High accuracy analyzers for monitoring the purity of the product.
  • Storage bullets for buffering the purified nitrogen for specific storage capacity.
Nitrogen Generation Package