Purification Packages

Membrane Separation Technology

Membrane based separation processes are playing critical role in the field of separation/purification of oil, gas and
especially petrochemical and chemical products.

The main concept of membrane separation packages is the selective permeation (solution and diffusion) of the specific components through the membrane which can form the permeate phase, and leaving the non permeated components as the retentate phase.

The membrane separation processes are the newer generation of separation processes and consume less energy with
higher efficiency and reliability.


  • Tailor made design for specific separation requirements, based on the operating conditions and feed chemical composition.
  • High quality membrane modules with long lifetime for a smooth and reliable operation.Compact footprint comparing to the other conventional separation processes.
  • Less energy consumption comparing the conventional thermal separation techniques.

Design Options

  • Special analysers to monitor the efficiency of the membrane modules
  • Heat integration for minimize thermal losses
Gachsaran HDPE Plant Nitrogen Purification Package
Purification Packages